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Highlights: Carrickfergus, Papa Can You Hear Me?, If I Loved You, The Prayer, It’s the Heart That Matters Most

Enchantment is Charlotte Church’s most ambitious album, prematurely tackling difficult arias such as ‘The Laughing Song’ (from Die Fledermaus) and ’Habañera’ (from Carmen) and demanding songs from classic musicals. As much as she struggles, one cannot help but admire her for her sheer effort and determination, and despite her sub-par classical vocals, she performs with utmost sincerity and charm.

If you just want to be swept away on different narratives of each song, you may well enjoy Enchantment. Her rendition of ‘Papa Can You Hear Me?’ is her most heartfelt performance whilst she sounds at her most comfortable singing ‘Carrickfergus’. It is the pop song of the album ‘It’s the Heart That Matters Most’ where she performs her best vocally. Her voice becomes clearer and it is more pleasurable to hear her sing in her element. Her voice also complements Josh Groban’s very well during their rendition of David Foster’s ‘The Prayer’.

The album has a good selection of songs, and best of all, Church performs with an orchestra, and many of these standards have been adapted to make completely different sounds. The arrangements of ‘Bali Ha’i', ‘The Little Horses’ and ‘Habañera’ are quite unique, and her classical musical numbers are given a new breath of fresh air with their full and lush orchestrations.

Unfortunately, she struggles with almost every track, some more than others. Her operatic voice is distorted and phelgmy sounding, she has problems with breath control, and she gives her vocals free reign to run amok. It is not that young Church was a bad singer, she was very able infact, but it's that there was too much expectation. As it turns out, Enchantment is the last classical studio album from Church as she turned her attentions to the place where her vocals are better off with high distinction: the world of pop. But leaving on an album like Enchantment is what can be called a dignified exit.

Track List
1. Tonight
2. Carrickfergus
3. Habañera
4. Bali Ha’i
5. Papa Can You Hear Me?
6. The Flower Duet
7. The Little Horses
8. From My First Moment
9. The Water is Wide
10. Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man
11. The Laughing Song
12. If I Loved You
13. A Bit of Earth
14. Somewhere
15. The Prayer
16. It’s the Heart That Matters Most