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Tiffany Desrosiers - Tiffany Desrosiers


Overall: (?)

Classical < < < > > > Pop

Highlights: Alone, Forever My Love, What You Do To Me, Hallelujah

Tiffany Desrosiers was discovered when she appeared on David Foster's Star Search (you may recognise Foster's name if you are a fan of Josh Groban, Michael Bublé or Celine Dion as he has written and produced for all of them). Although Foster did not produce this album, it is very easy for me to put her in the same basket as his elite artists, as I would sooner compare Desrosiers with Groban, Dion and Lara Fabian than I would to Katherine Jenkins et al. Desrosiers's voice is at the same border line as Groban: almost classical, but stronger and more elegant than the pop voice. By the same token, this debut album is also borderline pop and is not for listeners that prefer a stronger classical presence in their music.

Most of the tracks are originals, many of which were co-written by Desrosiers herself and mainly consist of power pop and soul ballads. There are many standout tracks, and the piano led 'What You Do To Me' is probably the most memorable, as it is the most vocally power driven song on the album and has a catchy chorus. 'It's Over Now' carries over a similar format, but focuses on the pain of splitting with a partner. 'Forever My Love' brings out the soul in Desrosiers's voice, giving a different feel and tone from the rest of the album, but successfully demonstrates her versatility.

The downside to this album is that many songs struggle to sound different from one another and this is mostly due to its production and arrangements. Whilst effort has been made to provide fresh material, the sound of the songs set this target back; the same people play the same instruments throughout and the drums do not differ from the stagnating early nineties sound (think early Mariah Carey). If more money was thrown at this album, it could have been a stunner, but such is the case for an independent artist trying to find their big break.

Fortunately, Desrosiers is clearly a star, and she makes this album more than worthwhile with her outstanding performances. She belongs in the Foster basket because she has the powerful voice that rivals the likes of Josh Groban, Lara Fabian and Celine Dion. One listen to 'What You Do To Me' or 'Forever My Love' highlights the power she holds, whilst her rendition of 'Hallelujah' shows us her talent to connect with her material on an emotional and personal level.

This album is an enormous achievement for a debut, and gives me much hope for her future endeavors when she has even more experience, and hopefully, more money. With the right team, and the right budget, Desrosiers could make an album as brilliant as Dion's Let's Talk About Love.

Track List
2. Like I Would For You
3. The World To Me
4. Forever My Love
5. What You Do To Me
6. Rise Above
7. It's Over Now
8. After the Rain
9. With These Tears (Featuring Destino)
10. You Don't Know
11. Send Me Down An Angel
12. Hallelujah

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