Monday, July 15, 2024
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Leaderboard Updates - Feb 2012

During February 2012 the following artists have received additional User Trophies either from on site purchases or from special forum votes and polls run during the month.

Artist Name Total Trophies Recevied
Final Chart Position Original Trophy
New/Current Trophy
Mario Frangoulis 48 Gained - February 2nd
365 Trophies in Total
60 till next trophy level
Mary-Jess 23 Gained - February 13th
153 Trophies in Total
47 till next triophy level
Michael Castaldo
7 Gained - February 21st
108 Trophies in Total
41 till next trophy level
Jackie Evancho
7 Gained - January
819 Trophies in Total
181 till next trophy level

Congratulations go to the above artists and their fans, and an extra thank you to all of you for supporting the website.

Over the coming weeks we hope to implement the following:

  • Even more New Artist Profiles
  • A new and improved Album Review List
  • New 'Mini' Reviews of Classical-Crossover Albums

Other things are also in the works and will be noted in more detail at a later time including mid year popular voting awards.
In the meantime we hope you continue to enjoy the website and the music.
To view the Artist Leaderboard in full or to order trophies for your favourite artist click here.