Monday, July 15, 2024
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2012 Website Changes

As previously advised the website has being scaled back to a more manageable level. It would be impossible to list all of the changes as there are so many. I rebuilt the entire website from scratch keeping only the best parts of the website, the content and removing the unsupportable functions. Here is a list of the major changes.

Changes to the website

  • The Forums have been moved off of the main website to ensure the website and forums work better and independantly from each other. e.g. if the website goes down the forums remain up and vice versa.
    (N.b. you will need to make a new account on the new forums, link to new forums in main menu above)

  • All member accounts have been deleted from the website and server including all contact details.

  • Article comments have been deactivated and removed.

  • Artist voting and ratings have been deactivated and removed.

  • Frontpage - Several blocks were removed and replaced with better information including a dynamic list that shows the last profiles, reviews, articles and blog posts to be added to the website (and the date they were added), links to the new and improved user trophy leaderboard and the user trophy top 5 were added as well.

  • Profiles section - side modules removed and new sections added to list user trophies and awards received so far.

  • Charts section and annual award sections have been condensed into Charts & Awards section.

  • Help section has become the Help & FAQ section; donations area has been replaced with the supporters section.

  • A variety of changes have been made to how the User Trophies work (see follow up blog post)

N.b. Please be aware that as a result of these changes some of the old links you may have saved in your favourites may not work, when redeveloping the website I made every effort to keep as many of the links the same as possible but some were unavoidably changed. Therefore we recommend everyone delete their old favourites and redo them now to ensure they are correct, otherwise you may get an 'unknown page' error message.

Back to basics

So the website has now completed its downsizing, despite the change and removal of many of our interactive features we hope you continue to enjoy the content of this website and chat on our new forums. We will continue to add new profiles, blog articles, reviews, interviews and run competitions for anyone who continues to visit and support the website, we hope many of you will continue to enjoy the website for many more years to come.

For those missing some of the more interactive features we recommend you join our Facebook page and get into discussions on there, or utilise the new forums we have setup; we and our moderators will continue to regularly post classical-crossover news, events and additions throughout all of these places.

Finally as noted above we have completely revamped the User Trophies and the leaderboard so that they now record not only the support from the websites community but provide a good record of the artists achievements in the world both past, present and future, so take a look at that for new ways to support your favourite artists in the future on this website, more details will follow in an additional post.