Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Interactive Features Off

I can now confirm that all interactive features have now been disabled, this includes:

  • All profile and artist voting
    (voting has now closed for the year, charts will be announced at end of year)
  • The contact pages
    (if you wish to contact us please utilise the Facebook pages from now on)
  • Registering for new accounts
    (No-one can create a new account any more, except for on the forums)
  • Login Forms
    (The login modules have all been disabled and removed from the site)
  • Comment boxes
    (New comments have been disabled, existing comment remain in place)

In addition to the above any FAQ's related to these interactive features have also been disabled.

We have explained previously why this has happened but for those who have missed our messages;

Mostly it is because both Nicola and I are too busy now to work on the website in our spare time, I have for some time been inactive on this website, focusing my spare time on several games that I am developing and my graphic novel project via my dedicated website www.ajtilley.co.uk. Whereas Nicola now works longer hours and has much more on the job stress which makes running the interactive features of this site too much.

The site will remain available as a resource for Classical-Crossover artists and music for the foreseeable future but just without the interactive features noted above.

Thank you and
Happy Christmas