Monday, July 15, 2024
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Bruce Anderson

  • Born: 11th June
  • Nationality: Wales, UK
  • Years active: 2009-present
  • Type: Tenor
  • Studio Albums: 3
  • Record Sales: Unknown
  • Record Label: Indie
  • Biggest Markets: UK


  • Success:
  • Talent:
  • Interpretation:
  • Creativity:

Bruce Anderson
is an indie artist who is deeply influenced by the biggest names in classical crossover music, most notably Sarah Brightman and Josh Groban, and it shows. Like Groban, Anderson is on the more accessible side of the market, frequently covering pop songs, and songs made popular by successful crossover artists. His voice is warm and comforting and makes far more use of the pop voice than his operatic. In the same vein, his song choices would appeal to the more head bopping audience as the tenor is not afraid to use big drums alongside his calmer material. He doesn't possess much originality, but he stays true to himself as he has a clear idea of how he wants his image and sound to come across. Although he has only recorded covers, his vocal interpretation is different to his predecessors. As an artist with no label, and therefore, financial backing, Bruce Anderson is sadly held back and can boast of more potential than he currently displays.

Russell Watson
Josh Groban
Sarah Brightman
Thomas Spencer-Wortley


#1 Keith Davies 2013-01-05 09:14
Bruce has an amazing voice and his new album is Awesome. I Love It.

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