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Click on each section header to expand and see full details, please make sure you read the dislaimer, by joining the website or submitting content you agree to be bound by these.

Accuracy and Validity of Content

a: All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. Classical-Crossover.co.uk makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, correctness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. All information is provided on an as-is basis.

b: All articles are correct at the date of creation, if the article is referring to a past event it will be branded with the date that it was originally made. Classical-Crossover.co.uk works hard to try to ensure articles remain up to date. Unfortunately the Classical Crossover genre is always in transition as artists gain and lose contracts. With the sheer number of articles on the website it will not always be possible for us to update everything instantly unless made aware of an inaccuracy directly. We therefore cannot accept liability for any out of date or inaccurate information that may change or prove inaccurate after the initial creation date of the article.

c: In reference to point b, we may choose to launch an article at a date later than creation to coincide with planned events or as result of delays from our workload; we only guarantee it was correct at the time of creation. And we reserve the right to include any article on the site at our discretion regardless of content. E.g. an interview may be posted months after the interview took place, and would remain even if details had changed. We will always strive to ensure the information is as accurate as possible.

d: Mistakes are a part of life and can and will likely occur on this website at some time or another. Any mistakes are pure accidents and are not done to hurt anyone. As soon as we are made aware of a mistake, and have confirmed the inaccuracy, we will correct it.


External Links

a: This website links to many external websites, however we will not link to any inappropriate content nor do we give bias to any artists over another in their content. All artists if accepted onto the website will be given a profile and this profile will link to any suitable external websites attached to the artist. We reserve the right to choose whether to link to any third party groups affiliated with the artist, e.g. managers, labels etc. In all cases we would require the artist or immediate representative to contact us if you would like us to consider adding an additional link to a profile. We are not required to add anything; changes and additions will be made at our discretion only.

b: As noted in the first section mistakes can occur; it is always possible we may post an inaccurate link to a website that contains possibly offensive material. We do try to correct any mistakes quickly and have ongoing checks against this, but we cannot accept liability for any material on another website which offends you, simply because you found the link on our website initially.


Photographs and Images

The majority of the images on this website are images taken from the public domain or provided by the artists themselves. If however you wish an image removed, in the first instance you should contact us with the proof of your copyright ownership and request us to remove the image. We will be happy to comply once ownership has been confirmed.


Libel & Defamation

a: Anyone reading the blog does so in the understanding that they cannot hold Classical-Crossover, its subsidiaries, staff, owners or affiliates liable for what is said or displayed.
This website is a profile site which primarily displays the opinion of the Editor and writers and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company or individual, or anyone or anything.

b: In our aim for unbiased reporting on the various artists of the genre we place profiles of many artists on the website. These profiles show the opinion of the editor only and where possible will only display as 'facts' when the facts have been confirmed. Classical-Crossover.co.uk cannot and will not post propaganda for an artist. Announcement sources will have to be confirmed to our satisfaction prior to being added to the website.

c: If an artist requests an interview or article to be posted they do so in the understanding that any interview or article once created will be solely owned by Classical-Crossover.co.uk and they accept that we may print it at our discretion at a time of our choosing in a manner that we see fit. Any editing or alteration of the article is also at our discretion. We will not accept any amendments or abridgements to the article unless a 'fact' listed in the article has changed and we have been supplied proof of the change to our satisfaction. At no time will we ask further permission to post the article or interview.

d: In addition Classical-Crossover.co.uk retains ownership of any voice recordings or correspondence taken during the interview and may choose to publish them at their discretion if an artist attempts to censor or prevent an article from being published after acceptance of this agreement.

e: Classical-Crossover.co.uk is responsible for the content of the website only. We are not responsible for any groups or interests mentioned, described or discussed in the articles present on the website.

f: Any articles are the personal views of the writer or an edited transcript of a conversation or event which took place and do not represent anyone else’s opinion.

g: Classical-Crossover.co.uk is not responsible for any comments made on this website by the public. All members of the public are free to post their opinions on the comments areas and forums; this allows them to post negative and positive views and opinions. Each opinion is done so at their discretion and is not incited nor requested by us. We monitor these to try and ensure there is no profanity or sexist/racist remarks but all artists and readers need to accept that some people may have different or even negative views.

h: Classical-Crossover.co.uk cannot be held liable for the viewpoints expressed upon this website or other websites in its network. Nor can we be held liable for any discussions which occur within our forums.

i: Classical-Crossover.co.uk is not responsible, nor can be held liable, for anything anyone says on this website in the comments or forums, nor the laws they may break in your country or theirs through their comments, content, implication and/or intent.

j: It is not our intention in the creation of this website to do any harm. Our aim is only to help and support artists within the genre and help fans of the genre find artists they may enjoy. It is our aim to do no harm, not to injure others, defame, or libel. Content on this website is opinion only unless otherwise stated. We try to ensure all content is accurate at the time of creation but all must be aware that nothing can be considered absolute in an ever changing genre.

k: If anyone visits this website and takes advantage of any advice, tips, techniques and/or recommendations and feels injured by this then they cannot hold Classical-Crossover.co.uk, its subsidiaries, staff, owners or affiliates responsible.

l: Classical-Crossover.co.uk as a public website and free to all, states a limit on Damages of £100 should a court case be taken against us. By viewing, reading or accessing any of the websites content directly or indirectly through a third party you agree to be bound by this limitation on Damages, due to the nature of this website.


Payment & Finance

a: This website does not include any pay to post blogs, articles or interviews. All content is offered and supplied freely to all. Certain features of the site require membership but membership is free to all as long as they follow our terms and conditions of membership (details further down).

The Classical-Crossover.co.uk main website is run independently and without profit. It does not gain revenue from advertising or sponsorship and all of its charges are covered by the website’s owners.
Donations are accepted to help cover the general costs of the website. This includes but is not limited too; maintenance costs, server costs and additional costs of new features, content and products for review.

A payment of money is classed as a donation when it is made with no direct gain. A payment of money for an item, award, user trophy, information or a product is purchasing of a product and such funds could be utilised in other ways.

b: This site will occasionally be shut down for maintenance, we try to ensure it happens rarely but it can occur without prior notice. This is a necessary part of the maintenance procedure of a website as vast as this one.


Language & Location

a: This website is written in English (United Kingdom version). The website cannot be held liable if any words within the website can be translated, pronounced, interpreted or sound similar to an offensive or inappropriate word in another language.

b: Classical-Crossover.co.uk is not responsible for defamatory statements about government, religious or other laws from the reader’s country of origin.


Copyright & theft

This Website was designed, created and is owned by Adam Tilley.
All editorial content on this website was and is written and owned by Nicola Jarvis.

Everything is solely the reflection of the website owner's opinion and does not claim authority, nor does it claim to be fact.

No part of this website may be reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the express permission of Adam Tilley or Nicola Jarvis.

Any content taken from this website without the site owner's permission, and/or depicted as your own work, is plagiarism/theft and is considered a criminal offence.

We continually monitor this site both independently and with a variety of online tools to locate plagiarised content and will pursue any breaches to the full extent of the law.

We therefore advise that if you want to use anything on this site, that you first seek permission, and that you must be willing to link whatever you take, back to its original source, here on classical-crossover.co.uk. Please be aware we are under no obligation to accept every request and if we do accept will typically only authorise the use of a small extract.


All content regarding artists is provided free to all. Free publicity we believe helps strengthen the community. As part of this an artist must accept that, once on the website, they have no right to alter, amend or adjust content. We will consider requests but we are under no obligation to change, alter or delete any content at yours or anyone’s whim.

All artists agree and understand by agreeing to have an article or interview published they are passing ownership of that content to Classical-Crossover.co.uk to publish when and how they see fit. Regardless of their personal feelings or thoughts on the final article they cannot claim defamation or fault with Classical-Crossover.co.uk for its inclusion on the website.

If an artist requests for all information referring to them be removed from the website, and we agree to this course of action (which we are under no obligation to do) then it will be performed in the following steps:

  1. All primary articles will be deleted and replaced with a message advising we have been asked to remove all content. If any threats were made these will be included in the message.
  2. All secondary articles referring to the original articles will be removed.
  3. At a time of our deciding or as agreed we will then remove the final announcement created.

As previously noted we only accept responsibility to monitor the content of the articles we create. Any messages posted by fans in the comments or forums after, during or prior to the deletion point are not the responsibility of Classical-Crossover.co.uk, its subsidiaries, staff, owners or affiliates and will not be included in the deletion process.

Please be aware once this process is completed any accounts created for the artist will be blocked, also the artist will never be re-added to the website if they change their mind at a later point.

We will only ever present the truth in our statements and so will not accept any liability for any detrimental response an artist receives as a response to their decision to threaten or intend harm upon the classical-crossover.co.uk website or its owners/affiliates, which works tirelessly and freely to aid all artists of the genre.

Finally, if a court case is ever taken against us we will vigorously defend our position and will not consider settlement when we are not at fault. We will also counter sue and claim back all fees and counter sue for damages due to the stress and difficulties caused, upon the conclusion of the case. In addition we will make all records publicly available so the case is completely transparent and all fans and onlookers have full awareness of exactly what has occurred to cause the case to come to court.


Data Protection

Please be aware that the website is housed on UK servers and as such is required by law to conform with UK data protection laws. This means:

  • All data held on individuals who create accounts will not be passed onto any third party without your express permission, via an opt-in option. (At this time we do not require anyone to opt-in and will therefore not be passing any data we hold on you to a third party)
  • We will only hold your data for a short period of time, for as long as your account is active, voting and IP addresses recorded at time of voting or posting comments will be deleted within 6-12 months of the act (often within 1 month).
  • Please be aware that although breaching our terms and conditions may cause your accounts to be banned from the website, voting or viewing the content, it does not affect your statutory rights of privacy or the protection you receive under UK law.
  • Finally any data processed is done on a limited basis only, we do not attempt to use the data to gain additional information about you and will not pass it onto third parties who would seek to do so either.


Terms and conditions of Membership

One account per household! Duplicate/multiple accounts will be banned and any impact they had on the website will be removed. E.g. if you created 10 accounts so you could vote for 10 times for the same artist all 10 votes would be deleted and all 10 accounts would be blocked.

If abuse continues IP addresses will be blocked from viewing or using the website in its entirety.
We reserve the right to ban, block, delete anyone at any time without reason, cause or consequence, and will not accept any claim resulting from damages you perceive to have taken from no longer having access to this website.


Google Advertising

This website contains may on occasion contain Google Adverts, if this is the case please be aware:

  • Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to this and other websites
  • Google's use of the DART cookie enables it and its partners to serve ads to you based on your visit to our sites and/or other sites on the Internet
  • Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the

If you have not opted out of third-party ad serving, the cookies of other third-party vendors or ad networks may also be used to serve ads on this site.


Final Note

We believe in freedom of the press and do not agree with censorship or propaganda and do not include either within this website, we will not bend or bow to those who believe they are above the law or feel they can dictate the terms/inclusions of an article, profile, review or interview after the fact.

We will also not seek approval or assent to post an agreed review, profile or interview. By offering products or agreeing to an interview or article an artist accepts this and trusts our editorial skills to portray them in the best possible light. We do not aim to harm or hurt anyone in the running of this website.