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User Trophy FAQ

User Trophies

User Trophies

User Trophies

User Trophies

User Trophies

User Trophies

User Trophies

User Trophies

User Trophies

User Trophies

User Trophies

User Trophies

User Trophies

User Trophies

User Trophies

User Trophies

User Trophies

User Trophies

User Trophies

User Trophies

User Trophies

What are these awards?

These awards refer to the reputation the artists have on the website. Every year we run a variety of awards and acknowledgements which give the artists user trophies to create a leaderboard of artists.

This chart and the awards given are permanent AND takes into account everything an artist has achieved for as long as they have been on CCUK. These achievements are a combination of both fan participation and by the critical judgement of CCUK's editor.

Editorial related trophies:

  • Any awards an artist wins or is nominated for in the Classical Crossover Awards.
  • Possessing an "Editor's Stamp of Approval".

Fan related trophies:

  • The amount of votes accumulated throughout the year.
  • The purchase of user trophies (only possible during the annual fundraiser)

Votes and awards are converted in the following way:

Classical Crossover Awards (?):
Any nomination = 20 user trophies
Any win = 50 user trophies
Lifetime Achievement win = 100 user trophies

Editor's Stamp of Approval (?):
Any stamp = 10 user trophies

Voting (?):
Every 500* votes = 1 user trophy
Finishing 1st place = 50 user trophies
Finishing 2nd place = 40 user trophies
Finishing 3rd place = 30 user trophies
Finishing between 4-5th = 20 user trophies
Finishing between 6-10th = 10 user trophies

*Because voting didn't run throughout all of 2012, we gave 1 user trophy for every 250 votes in 2012.

The user trophies are updated at the end of the voting year.  To find out more about voting, please visit our voting FAQ.


Why have these awards been included?

We wanted to give artists a permanent medal/trophy when they achieved impressive rating levels, annual awards or other notable things worthy of acknowledgement on our website, so we introduced these awards as a visual record of what they have achieved thus far in this website, in no small part, thanks to their fans.


Where can I view these awards?

There are two places to view the awards:

1) If you search for artists through categories (e.g. female vocalists, instrumental groups) there is an "Awards" column on the right hand side, this shows the current awards an artist has received.

2) In the 'Charts & Awards' section on this website we have a page named 'Trophy Leaderboard' which lists every artist and their current trophy.