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Isabel Suckling

  • IsabelBorn: 24 March, 1998
  • Nationality: UK
  • Years active: 2010-present
  • Vocal Type: Soprano Choir Girl
  • Studio Albums: 1
  • Record Sales: 4000+
  • Record Label: None
  • Biggest Markets: UK
  • Website Links: Official Site, Facebook, Youtube


  • Success:
  • Vocal Talent:
  • Interpretation:
  • Creativity:

We have seen plenty of choirboys in our time, especially after Aled Jones proved to be so lucrative, but the same man that enjoyed success as the UK's favourite choirboy intorduced the UK to a twelve year old choirgirl, Isabel Suckling. It's not the first time he mentored an choir singer - some may remember The Choirboys in 2005. But launching choirboys has always been a bit problematic, as the dramatic changes to their voice made their careers relatively short term. Although vocal changes also occur in girls, artists like All Angels show that the choirgirl quality can be kept for a more healthy period of time. Briefly signed to Decca, Isabel was geared towards the 2010 Christmas market with the release of her debut album The Choirgirl. The album track list offers some typical choral adaptations along with a few unexpected songs. The album is left in the capable hands of Ian Tilley who has also produced albums by Libera, All Angels, Hayley Westenra and Camilla Kerslake, so if you like their albums, you can't really go wrong with The Choirgirl.  Sadly, Isabel was dropped very soon after her debut hit the charts but she continues her career as an unsigned artist.  She featured in Robin Gibb's Titanic Requiem alongside Mario Frangoulis and sang at his funeral.

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#5 HatsuneMiku01 2013-04-15 19:23
#4 Nicola 2012-12-09 22:43
She didn't sell enough albums. x
#3 hinamori 2012-12-09 12:52
I did not know that her record deal was dropped but why :cry: ?!?!?
#2 Bonnie 2012-09-18 04:03
I loved her song on Titanic Requiem. Rest in peace, Robin.
#1 Sophie Langan 2012-07-05 14:59
Isabel Suckling has got a beautiful, angelic voice and I love her album. She is amazing, I'd love to hear another album by her.

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