Monday, July 15, 2024
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Developer Diary

NEW User Trophy Leaderboard

The User Trophy Leaderboard has changed! And you may notice it is bigger than ever before.

This is because we now give artists extra user trophies every year for certain events and achievements they receive on this website. For example we have given artists bonus trophies for being included on the Editor's Top Twenty, Reaching the Top 50 in the annual voting or receiving one of our Annual Awards.

In addition to this (thanks to our new website) we are able to reduce the cost of a user trophy and give those big donators more for the money they give us and allow those who cannot afford as much to still help promote their favourite artists. Now when you donate by purchasing a user trophy you can order 1 trophy from just £5, or donate more and receive even more trophies for your favourite artists, the amount you donate and trophies you order is entirely your decision as is participation at all.

Here is a brief on how the new leaderboard was worked out:

1) All previous trophy purchases were reworked based on the new trophy prices.

2) Any artist who received an Annual Award in 2010 or 2011 received 10 bonus trophies for each award they were given.

3) Any artist included in the Top 50 Leaderboard in 2010 or 2011 received between 2 and 100 bonus trophies depending on their position
(1st gains 100, 2nd gains 98, 3rd gains 96 and so on)

4) Any artist who was placed in the Editor's Top Twenty in 2010 or 2011 received 10 bonus trophies.

We honestly hope you enjoy the new user trophy leaderboard, which will be the new permanent leaderboard on the website now that the voting has gone, it will exist in this state for as long as the website is active and be updated regularly. Artists will gain trophies from any user trophy purchases but also from our Annual awards and other events we run throughout the year, including new voting polls to be held on our forums in the future.

Also when an artist gains a certain amount User Trophy Level they will gain additional prestige and advertisement across this website as we will choose those artists who do well to release new reviews, articles, run competitions and hold events for.

All purchases are used to help pay for the ongoing costs of running this website and trying to keep our forums free of adverts.

Take a look at the new and improved User Trophy Leaderboard now by Clicking Here.

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