Monday, July 15, 2024
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Developer Diary

Fundraiser Final Days

Hello everyone,

First of all, thank you everyone who has been able to donate to help support the website we have reached our primary target this week and as a result to thank everyone we have updated the User Trophy Leaderboard a little early than originally planned, there have been a few changes this week most notably:

  • Jackie Evancho has increased her first place lead and drawn a little closer to the next trophy level.

  • Siobhan Owen has increase her trophy level by two and has now taken the elusive second position in the user trophy leaderboard.

  • Nathan Pacheco is a new entry into the chart at 80th position, just one user trophy from the first level.

  • Jennifer Thomas is the second new entry into the chart at 78th position on the first trophy level.

It is thanks to your donations this has occurred.
As an extra thank you for helping us reach our primary target we have increased the bonus trophies that your chosen artist will receive from any donations you make in the last two days of the fundraiser. As we have said before we hope to not only continue the CCUK site in 2013 but continue to grow its content, the more we can raise during this period the more we can offer in the future.
Finally on Sunday 2nd December the Fundraiser will officially end, we will announce not only the winners of the prize fund draw and their prizes but also the nominees for the 2012 annual awards and the trophy prizes artists will receive based upon the daily profile voting.

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