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Fundraiser 2012 Update

The 2012 fundraiser has gone remarkably well in our first week, we are roughly 60% of the way towards our ideal goal, that will ensure the websites continued operation for the foreseeable future as a free to all music profiling website for Classical-Crossover music.

Thanks to your donations there have been a few changes to the Trophy Leaderboard (which has now been updated), most notably;

  1. Siobhan Owen has moved from Fourth position to Third place.
    Increasing her user trophy level and bringing her closer to the next spot and level.
  2. Toni Gibson has increased her placement by over six places bringing her to Fifth in the chart.
    She is now just six trophies from the Top 4 position in the chart.
  3. The Tenors have gone up eight places to reach Seventeenth in the chart.
    They are now just thirteen trophies away from the illusive top 16 placements.
  4. Naria have become the 80th artist to be added to the chart, coming in at position Sixty-Seventh.
    Just a few more trophies will see them to the top 50 spots and increase their trophy levels.
  5. And finally a variety of other artists also increased their position/trophies received including Georgia Fumanti, Jackie Evancho, Micheal Castaldo, Margaret Keys, Patrícia Janečková and Mario Frangoulis.


It is thanks to you that these changes have occurred to help the artists further then visit our fundraiser page to find out more.

The fundraiser will continue and hopefully with your support we will be able to reach our targets within the coming week. Remember that only during this fundraising period can you use your donations to help increase the artists position in the user trophy leaderboard or gain access to our fundraiser prize draw.

In thanks to you for your donations this week you will see a variety of new content added to the website including profiles and more. To help increase the content to be added all you need to do is donate.

Once again thank you for your support to help us remain free to all and offer daily artist voting, comments, annual awards and even more content in 2013.

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