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Text Size's 1st Year Anniversary Competition

was tentatively launched on 6th August, 2009, not knowing how it would be received, if there would be any visitors and if it could, indeed, succeed in its ultimate goal: to help and promote classical crossover artists, whether they had sold twenty million albums or their first twenty.

We are pleased to announce that we think we have achieved that goal and that's because of you, reading this. Without you, this website wouldn't be here, and there wouldn't be an opportunity to promote this beautiful genre and all of its artists in one place. By helping this website, you help the artists.

We, and the artists, want to say a big thank you to you all, and that's why we have banded together to set up the coolest and most awesome prize pool in classical crossover existence for our first anniversary. Well... we think it's pretty awesome!

We have thirteen (thirteen!) signed albums to give away to four of our members!



From My Heart - Giorgia Fumanti
From My Heart is soprano Giorgia's first international release that enjoyed success across the globe, including reaching the Classical Crossover Billboard Chart in America and has sold over a million albums worldwide. This signed CD of 'From My Heart' is a special edition limited to only Asia, and will be signed specifically for the winner. It includes a DVD of the American TV PBS Special 'Heavenly Voices', four postcard photos, a poster and a booklet. The album contains adapted versions of many loved standards, original material and many songs created from famous movie themes.
Pure - Hayley Westenra
After huge success in her homeland of New Zealand, Hayley released Pure, her first international album, and it broke records. It became the fastest selling debut album of a female classical artist of all time in the UK, reached number seven in the pop charts and she has since sold over four million albums. Pure is a classic example of crossover done right. It's near on perfect with beautiful adaptations, originals and perhaps the unexpected but welcome material (Wuthering Heights?). The edition up for grabs is the UK special edition which holds an extra disc of eight songs. This album is worth having for the haunting 'Dark Waltz' alone.
River of Dreams - Hayley Westenra
River of Dreams is a comprehensive best of collection of Hayley's most popular songs from her albums Pure, Odyssey and Treasure, including a few extra tracks. It was released in 2008. We are offering the standard UK edition that has 'Songbird' and 'Now is the Hour' as its new tracks.
The Butterfly Effect - Diana Yukawa
Violinist Diana has enjoyed a number one album in Japan and is currently turning her attention to the international market, most recently supporting Katherine Jenkins in concert. Signed to Sony, Diana released The Butterfly Effect in October 2009. The album demonstrates Diana's talent as a composer and an artist, for it shows fantastic creative flair. Like others before her, Diana aims to show a different side to the violin with energetic arrangements and catchy melodies.
Serenata - Gari Glaysher
This is the debut album from the spinto tenor Gari Glaysher. He came to music later on in life - he was a brick layer and a heavyweight boxer champion before joining a band when his voice was noticed for its natural operatic ability. Serenata is inspired by pop and classical songs of Italy, and it even contains tracks penned by Luciano Pavarotti's daughter, written specially for Gari.
Syren - Micaela Haley
Perhaps a more controversial figure since her addition to the website, but American soprano Micaela Haley creates music that shines through with individualistic ease. The album contains many arias but in a completely new concept. She has pulsing beats and electronics, but not in Vanessa-Mae style. Her songs are relaxing and melodic. She's also composed a number of the tracks herself.
Dreaming - Pavão String Quartet
A diverse string ensemble that will convert just about anything to their warm and gliding string arrangements that are as smooth as honey. They have released four albums and have been known to work with Aled Jones and Hayley Westenra. Dreaming is their latest album and it features the likes of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow', 'When You Wish Upon A Star' and the more well-loved classics, such as Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata' and Grieg's 'Nocturne'.
Celestial Echoes - Siobhan Owen
Welsh harpist and soprano, Siobhan Owen, now located in Australia, is only sixteen years old and has been performing since she was a child. The harp is unusual enough as it creates wonderfully unique arrangements, but she has also been gifted with a beautiful voice to accompany it. Celestial Echoes is a celebration of celtic and traditional music.
Credere - Thomas Spencer-Wortley
A young, cheeky British tenor that boasts of a beautiful warm voice and an album full of lush arrangements and virtuoso performances from all involved. The class and effort oozes out of this album. It included pop covers, well known Bocelli/Groban songs and original material composed, arranged and produced by Oliver Spencer-Wortley - his brother. Thomas has shared the stage with All Angels, Camilla Kerslake and Katherine Jenkins and will also soon be joining Phillippa Lusty in concert.
Gifts of Grace - Grace Bawden
After reaching the finals of Australia's Got Talent Grace was offered major record contracts - all of which she refused, not wanting to compromise her artistic vision. For just fourteen years old (at the time), that is saying a lot. She released Gifts of Grace independently. Her high, clear soprano, reminiscent of Hayley Westenra, is a treat on her unusual eclectic album of surprising covers and original material (some of which she co-wrote herself).
My Beloved - Patrizia
Many fans of Emma Shapplin, Sarah Brightman and Within Temptation would foam at the mouth at the concept of a rock opera diva, and that's what Patrizia is. She interprets pop/rock/classical material in her strong and emotive operatic voice, distinctly changing the style, but keeping the original sentiment of the song intact. My Beloved contains adaptations of 'Creep', 'Zombie' and 'Moonlight Sonata'.
Fire & Light - Fiona Pears
One of only two albums on that has received a perfect score in its editorial review, Fire & Light is a varied and passionate journey through the different sounds and stories that the violin can create. Almost entirely composed by Fiona, and arranged by her for the entire orchestra (and that's the City of Prague Philharmonic orchestra we're referring to) it's a showcase of how extraordinarily talented one person can be. The kiwi violinist has released many albums and has worked with a large number of established artists, including Bic Runga, Heather Nova, Hayley Westenra, Libera and Aled Jones.


We asked:

Who is the biggest-selling classical crossover artist of all time?

a) Sarah Brightman
(30 million albums)
b) Andrea Bocelli (70 million albums)
c) Josh Groban (20 million albums)

The answer was b) Andrea Bocelli

Thank you to all those who entered.

The lucky winners who win three signed CDs each are:
Rodney D. Michele (Rodney)
Vhari Lannigan (Vhazza)
Kathy Buresh (Katrick)
Joanne Chiew (cupoftea)

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