Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Classical-Crossover.co.uk is run by two people Nicola (Editor) and Adam (Administrator), who give up their free time and their own money to pay for, keep running and updating this website for the benefit of the fans and the artists, 'for love of the genre'.

However in addition there are a variety of other people who help out who we would like to acknowledge:

Bernie Scott - Helps promote artists via many social networking sites... Thank you.

John Harvey - Helps promote artists via our social networking sections... Thank you.

Bill McAmis - A donator for the website and supporter of the classical-crossover genre... Thank you.

2010-2012 Donations & Fundraising

Each year to help mitigate the ongoing costs of the website we run a Fundraising drive at the end of the year, we also accept donations throughout the year via the module on the front page of the website to help us keep the website as a free Classical Crossover resource site for all.

Below are acknowledgements for the people who donated in past years. We wish to thank you for your support during those years as it has helped us bring the extensive costs of the sites special features during those years down to a manageable level.

2012 Thank you Acknowledgements

In 2012 we offer our thanks for the generous support from the following people during our Fundraising drive:

Joseph Ronald Charlotte Kathryn Paul Gregory Martin Bonnie
William Karl Magdy Gordon Paula Lesley Birgitta Joseph
David Bertha William Leonard Jonathan Simon Colin Polar
Stephen Richard Vance Ralph Cynthia Ronald Michael Rebecca
Peter Velenosi Tina Sheila Gary Dale Ekaterina John
Samuel Allan


2011 Thank you Acknowledgements

In 2011 we offer our thanks for the generous support from the following people:

Bonnie Lesley David Bruce Allan Taylor Susan Anon
Ronald Gerald Kristyn Stephen Bruce Arthur Henja Bob
Martin John Robert Polar George Charles Phillip Alice
Clarita Richard Mariko Michael Kent Nigel James Polar
Martin Jerry Eugenia Jacinda John Henja Alan John
Arthur David Oliver Charlie Lloyd Brian Arthur David


2010 Thank you Acknowledgements

In 2010 we received support from the following people: Thank you very much!

Harold Larry Harold Stephen Phillip George Michael Alan
Polar George Steve Jayne Bruce Sheila Robert George
George Lisa Polar Henja Diana Jim

Thank you once again.