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Male Vocalists

Vocal Class
User Trophies (?)
Awards Received
Aled Jones Treble/Baritone Indie*
104 received


Alessandro Safina Tenor Major
14 received


Alfie Boe Tenor Major
37 received


Amaury Vassili Tenor Major
119 received

Andrea Bocelli Tenor Major
227 received
Lifetime Achievement 2012Best Male 2012
Bad Boy of Opera Tenor TBA
10 received
Editor's Top 20 2010
Bruce Anderson Pop Tenor Indie *None Received*
Chris Mann Tenor Major 1 received
Cortes Tenor Major
6 received

The Dark Tenor Tenor Major *None Received* (new)

Fernando Lima Countertenor Indie*
105 Received
Editor's Top 20 2011
Gari Glaysher Spinto Tenor Indie
89 received

Jai McDowall Tenor Unsigned* *None Received*
Jay Weston Tenor Indie
58 received

Joe McElderry Tenor Major *None Received*
Jon Christos Tenor Indie *None Received*
Jon Paul Puno Pop Tenor Indie
53 received

Jonathan Ansell High Tenor Major
84 received
Editor's Top 20 2010
Josh Groban Baritone Major
180 received
Top Male Artist 2010Editor's Top 20 2010Editor's Top 20 2011Editor's Top 20 2011
Mario Frangoulis Tenor Major
473 received
Top Male Artist 2011Editor's Top 20 2011
Mark Masri Tenor Major
37 received

Michéal Castaldo Tenor Indie
275 received
The Indie Award 2011
Nathan Pacheco Tenor Major
52 received

Noah Stewart Tenor Major
20 eceived

Paul Potts Tenor Major
62 received

Rhydian Baritone Indie*
116 received
Editor's Top 20 2010Editor's Top 20 2011
Russell Watson Tenor Major
58 received
Editor's Top 20 2010
Thomas Spencer-Wortley Tenor Indie
42 received
The Indie Award 2010Editor's Top 20 2010Editor's Top 20 2011
Vittorio Grigolo Tenor Major
7 received

Will Martin Tenor Unsigned * *None Received*

Wynne Evans Tenor Major
*None Received*

* Has released albums under a major record label