Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Fiona Pears: The Bear Serenade

Much loved Kiwi violinst, Fiona Pears has just released a DVD, Bear Serenade, with the WSPA. Every DVD sold gives £1 / $3 NZD to the WSPA charity.

Bear Serenade explores the adventures of Fiona Pears as she talks about her life as an internationally acclaimed concert violinist from Christchurch, New Zealand and her work for the WSPA. Fiona visits the Romanian Bear Sanctuary to find out about the bears, the people who dedicate their lives to helping them and the incredible work that goes on there.

Pears writes on her website:

"Looking at some of the pictures and footage reminds me of how special the bear sanctuary is and how much work they do to rescue and rehabilitate the beautiful bears. There is one lovely big bear in the documentary called Max. You can see him in the part where I am playing the violin. He is blind and such a stunningly beautiful animal. I really hope we can return to Romania to see him and the other bears again.

There is also another sweet little bear called Rudy who climbs up the trees and just looks so cute. It is so hard to imagine people not treating these wonderful animals as they should be treated, but at least there is an organisation like the WSPA to take care of them and look out for their welfare."

Please go to the Fact Not Fiction Films website for more details on this very special DVD. Bear Serenade can be purchased via Fiona Pears's online shop.


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