Monday, July 15, 2024
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Awards and Donate sections

After some consideration and a lot of testing we have decided to remove the 'Credit Donation' system from the website and along with it the entire Donate section of the website.

Originally we added the credits system as we were unsure if donations would sustain the website with its current growth, and so we were considering making voting for artists a chargeable activity available to donators only. The credit system was added as a test and for the most part it worked very well however there were a few 'issues' with it that has promted us to remove it from the site. In addition to that after long discussions Nicola and I have decided we would rather try and continue to run the site on donations alone.

With that all in mind we have decided to merge the main website with our annual awards site. The following changes have been instituted:

  • Donate section removed
  • Annual Awards section added
  • Credit System, Credits Explained, Transaction history pages removed
  • Live User Ratings moved to the Charts section of the website
  • Trophy Case moved to Annual Awards and renamed Recent Trophy Case
  • 2010 & 2011 Awards and Top 50 pages added to the Annual Awards section
  • 2010 & 2011 Awards menu added to the annual awards section.
  • - Additional pages will be added in the following days to these sections.
  • - Once all pages have been added the website will be removed completely.
  • Donations page updated to account for changes in the website.
  • Donations module updated so that clicking the image will setup a diorect donation to

A few other minor changes have also been performed during this change. As noted full details on Annual Awards will be added in the coming days including the nominees and info for the 2011 Annual Awards.

You can now use the donation modules to donate or find a link to the User Trophy Leaderboard.