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Alfie Boe: Six Questions! November 2012

Alfie Boe's new album Storyteller is out now!  To celebrate, CCUK caught a few moments of Alfie's time inbetween his hectic schedule to ask him six quick questions!

1) How would you describe your relationship with opera, classical crossover and the classic rock music you are now exploring?

I've always said that, for me, there are no genres or boundaries.  I love all music as long as it's good and I want to explore lots of different flavours with my voice.

2) It's apparent during your shows and the friends you keep (i.e. Matt Lucas) that you have a natural flair for comedy.  Josh Groban has appeared and hosted on shows like 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' - do you see yourself doing something similar?

My schedule is relentless, but I'd love to do something different on TV - maybe I'd be good on Crime Watch!

3) Your first record deal was with Classic FM and you achieved modest success with them compared to what you enjoy now with Decca.  Are you pleased with the success that Les Miserables has given you?

The Classic FM album was great and it introduced me to the record buying audience.  I was really happy with the way it went and the fact that my first album was at the top of the Classical charts.  Les Miserables was amazing and I am so proud to have been a part of its 25th Anniversary at The 02, playing Jean Valjean.

4) Are you looking forward to your 2013 arena tour?  Will you miss the intimacy of theatres?

I'm so looking forward to the Storyteller Tour. Yes, a lot of the shows are in arenas but you know, for me, I try to involve my audiences as much as I can and I always feel as though they are all up there, on stage with me.  When I played the 02 Arena, it never felt huge and to me the intimacy was there right from the start.

5) How much creative control did you have over Storyteller and has your role in album making changed as time has gone on?

is a very personal album that I was so much a part of.  Obviously my manager and record company are heavily involved too and we all have our input, but for me, this record has been a wonderful experience from our concept through to the recording and mixing. I'm so proud of it, I hope everybody loves it!

6) You have achieved so much in your career so far - do you have any more ambitions?

Oh my goodness, loads!  But for now, my greatest hope is that everyone that is on this musical journey with me, really loves the new album.  That, for now, is my ambition; to make everyone happy with Storyteller.

Storyteller is out now in the UK!
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