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2010 Indie Award

Thomas Spencer-Wortley won the 2010 Indie Award with 38.4% of the vote.

Thomas Spencer-Wortley is a tenor who has been christened as the 'British Josh Groban' by the British media. His brother, Oliver Spencer-Wortley, is a composer and arranger who is pretty much responsible for the creativity of the albums. They show fantastic initiative as indie artists and continue to make stunning music at a professional level. His next album can be expected in the latter half of 2011.

Runner Up Nominees

- To be nominated for the Indie award, the artist must not be signed to a major record company. The nominee needs to have been active this year, either through a release or promise of an album in 2010 (takes priority) or performing. The Indie Award expresses gratitude for the inspiration and hard work that indie artists give to make their music and launch it through their own resources.

Fiona Pears (full profile)

Fiona Pears received 20.8% of the vote.
Fiona Pears has been recording her own albums and releasing them independently. Pears composes and arranges much of her own music. She is currently touring New Zealand.

Hayley Griffiths (full profile)

Hayley Griffiths received 31.3% of the vote.
Hayley Griffiths has already enjoyed success, but 2010 has seen the launch of her new recording career. Her image and sound are as slick and polished as they can be.