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2010 Top Female Artist

Jackie Evancho won the 2010 Top Female Award with 43.2% of the vote.

Jackie Evancho is just ten years old and was inspired to sing by watching Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical film adaptation The Phantom of the Opera. She auditioned for America's Got Talent in the summer of 2010 and caused a Susan Boyle type sensation. Since the show, Evancho has been signed to SYCO/Columbia, released her first major CD O Holy Night and has gone platinum. She is already working on a new album, expected to be released in early 2011.

Runner Up Nominees

- To be nominated for the top female artist award, the artist must primarily be a solo female vocalist. The nominee needs to have been active this year, either through a release or promise of an album in 2010 (takes priority) or performing.

Sissel (full profile)

Sissel received 24.7% of the vote.
Sissel has had a long career. She remains a household name and is one of the biggest names in the crossover circuit. Her latest album is due for release on 15th November.

Hayley Griffiths (full profile)

Hayley Griffiths received 22.9% of the vote.
Hayley Griffiths has already enjoyed success, but 2010 has seen the launch of her new recording career. Her image and sound are as slick and polished as they can be.