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2010 Album of the Year

Album of the Year:
Hayley Griffiths - Silver Screen

Editor says: Silver Screen is an immensely creative album with sounds that the classical crossover audience have not heard before, but will undoubtedly appeal to those that enjoy the pop in crossover. With a sound that Griffiths describes as 'modern day Enya', Griffiths has great potential to reach out to a younger audience, introducing the classically trained voice in an accessible and vibrant way. Griffiths has writing credits on every track, and its presentation and production oozes class and professionalism. The album is available on most digital retail stores, but a physical copy can be purchased from her website.

Runner Up Nominees

- To be nominated for the album of the year award, the artists album must have been released during 2010 before this point. The nominations are chosen based on the score they received in the Album Reviews on

Russell Watson - La Voce

Russell Watson

After his illness, Universal decided to play Russell Watson's voice safe and had him release swing and easy listening albums, when all he wanted to do was go back to his classical voice. La Voce is Watson's first album under new label Sony and it marks his return as "The Voice". His vocals are stronger than ever, and there's a strong sense of identity and confidence in 'La Voce'.

Gregorian - Dark Side of the Chant


The Dark Side of the Chant is the tenth studio album from Frank Peterson's choral project Gregorian. All sung in the Gregorian style, it pays tribute to gothic themed songs from classic rock bands to artists of today, including Evanescence, Madonna, Depeche Mode and Within Temptation. It also features a number of original songs from members of Peterson's studio, including Amelia Brightman - the sister of Sarah Brightman.

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