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2010 Top Male Artist

Josh Groban won the 2010 Top Male Artist with 48.2% of the vote.

Josh Groban had a good head start in 2001 when David Foster took Groban under his wing. Groban became one of the biggest selling classical crossover artists in the world; in only eight years, Groban sold more than 24 million albums worldwide. He likes to play his own instruments, write songs, take artistic control over his albums and is unafraid of taking risks. His new album Illuminations was released in November which takes a firm step away from traditional classical crossover.

Runner Up Nominees

- To be nominated for the top male artist award, the artist must primarily be a solo male vocalist. The nominee needs to have been active this year, either through a release or promise of an album in 2010 (takes priority) or performing.

Aled Jones (full profile)

Aled Jones received 15.2% of the vote.
Aled Jones became a household name when he was only a small choirboy. Jones left the recording scene when his voice broke, but emerged again in 1999 as a baritone.

Russell Watson (full profile)

Russell Watson received 22.9% of the vote.
Russell Watson was the first classical crossover tenor to experience hype by the mass media. Called simply The Voice, Watson has a new album due out on 29th November.

Paul Potts (full profile)

Paul Potts received 13.7% of the vote.
Paul Potts became an overnight sensation on Britain's Got Talent. He has sold millions worldwide. He released his new album, Cinema Paradiso, in the autumn of 2010.