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Introducing the Dark Tenor
CCUK's Interview With Lindsey Stirling
Ten Most Amazing Videos in Classical Crossover
CCUK Introduces The Dark Tenor!

CCUK is happy to introduce a new exciting artist from Germany.  Check out our profile, and be sure to get his album, Symphony of Light from Amazon or iTunes!

CCUK's Interview with Lindsey Stirling

She's topped the US Billboard's Classical and Dance Charts, has 220 millions views on Youtube, a sold out tour in Europe and has a second US tour just around the corner - Lindsey Stirling is taking the world by storm!  We caught up with Lindsey on the UK leg of her tour - check out our interview!
Top 10 Most Amazing Videos
CCUK has created a chart of the ten most amazing videos in classical crossover - from the technically brilliant Lindsey Stirling (see left) to the hilarious Camilla Kerslake being drenched to Jackie Evancho presenting *that* voice to the world, each video is memorable in its own right.  Check it out here!

CCUK stopped receiving regular updates in 2013 and is no longer active.
Please note that all information on this website is a snap shot of the time it was written and is no longer current.

CCUK Recommends... Andrea Bocelli

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