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Developer Diary

Site Updates 27th April 2011

I have performed a variety of performance updates and reorganisations which Nicola mentioned would be occuring:

  • Removed the 'Community' category from the menu
  • Forums have been added to the website as an independant link not a sublink of another category
  • Reset the commenting options from all article pages (e.g. profiles, reviews, interviews)
  • Added a new section to the menu 'CC Shop' With sublinks to a UK and US based shops.
    - These shops have been added on a trial basis, they include many Classical-crossover albums from artists in an easy to find layout.
  • Added and Buy an Album section to each artists profiles
    - If an artist has an album for sale on either site this section will display them making it easier for our members to get an artists album. If they dont have an album then it will display an alternative item found using the artists name.
  • Moved the Live User Ratings & Vote for Albums to the Donate section of the website.
  • Updated the way the User Trophies work
    - The user trophies no longer reset at the end of a year ensuring a persons contribution is never lost.
  • Altered various menu names to make the sections align better.
  • Changed FAQs section in the menu to Help section.
  • Moved the contacts page to the Help section.
  • Removed the advertising section on the website.
  • Altered the sections at the bottom of the website on all pages to shopw more up-to-date content.
  • Removed the Concert List from the website

More updates will be added int he coming days.

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