Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Developer Diary

User Trophy Update

I can confirm we have now updated the way the User Trophies work.

Since inception we have noticed that even though the inspirational award is the most popular it is still unlikely an artist would reach the 100 required for the award to be added to their profile and trophy case.

So we have altered it so that instead of having 3 different trophies to choose from we have 3 different levels. From now on you dont purchase a specific award instead you purchase an amount of user trophies. These trophies get tallied up and artists are listed in order based on the amount of trophies they have received.

When an artist reaches 100 trophies they get 'The inspirational Award' permanetly on their profile. After this they proceed to level 2 and so when they reach 200 awards they receive the Fan Favourite Award. And finally when they reach 300 trophies they achieve the Legendary Artist award.

Any artists who have reached 100 at a given level by the end of a year will get a special bonus as well (to be unveiled at that time) - its a secret till then.

We have included the options to purchase multiple trophies at a discount.
1 trophy = £20
3 trophies for 1 artist = £50 (saves £10)
7 trophies for 1 artist = £100 (saves £40)

We didnt want those who have ordered the more expensive trophies to feel they have lost out so any legendary artist trophies purchased previously have been exchanged into 7 user trohpies for the tally, likewise the fan favourite award is exchanged into 3 user trophies as dictated by the above multiple purchase options.

The new user trophy leaderboard is up and viewable in the 'Charts' section of the website.

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