Monday, July 15, 2024
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2010 Young Artist to Watch

Annelies won the 2010 Young Artist to Watch Award with 42.8% of the vote.

Sixteen year old Annelies may not be a girl you have heard of yet, but she ticks every box required to be a classical crossover star. She's been singing since the tender age of seven and is no stranger to performing, having done so in front of tens of thousands of people. She has performed alongside Charlotte Church, and has shared the stage with Hayley Westenra, Jonathan Ansell and Faryl Smith in late July. She has major record label interest and is currently in the studio recording her debut album with Steve Balsamo and Ben Robbins.

Runner Up Nominees

- To be nominated for the Young Artist to Watch award, the artist must not have a record contract or any commerical albums. The nominee must show outstanding promise and already be preparing for their career, either through performing or recording material.

Phillippa Lusty (full profile)

Phillippa Lusty received 25.6% of the vote.
Phillippa is a keen and talented songwriter, a capable arranger and she is also an accomplished violinist. Her list of talents and achievements is long and the list is set to get longer.

Bad Boy of Opera (full profile)

Bad Boy of Opera received 18.2% of the vote.
Bad Boy of Opera is the working project name for Ki Fitzgerald. He's peeping into the crossover market from his previous experience in a variety of rock bands.

Chase Gutierrez (full profile)

Chase Gutierrez received 13.4% of the vote.
At sixteen years of age, Chase's rich bass-baritone may come as a surprise to many, But his voice rings with the maturity that someone twice his age would muster.