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EXCLUSIVE! Sisca's new video for 'Hope'

Classical-Crossover.co.uk has been excited about Sisca since we first came across her. Her image, music and lyrical content makes her a highly original artist with one of the strongest classical crossover album releases in the last few years.

Signed to an independent label, Sisca is given free rein to write about what she wishes with whatever sound. This usually comes at the expense of production quality, poor videos and a disorganised direction. This is not the case with Sisca. Since she released her album on iTunes in Australia we have seen two beautiful music videos from Sisca. One of her only cover on the album, Michael Jackson's 'Earth Song', and another for her original song 'Kindness'. CCUK has been given the honour to exclusively introduce her third and most touching music video; 'Hope'.

“Lots of people are dealing with hopelessness. People give up early, and have no spirit in life. Hope is a word that carries big meaning. When people have Hope, they can survive. With Hope everything is possible. Hope can create change!. If we really search for Hope, I’m very sure we can deal with all the problems that we are facing in life. We all expect for something to happen, but when there is an obstacle, people give up. When there’s always Hope there is always a possibility”.
~ Sisca from her official website.

We are also very happy to announce that non-Australians no longer have to wait in frustration! A physical copy of Impermanent Life is now available worldwide with free postage and packaging. You can purchase the five star rated album from her online store.

While you wait for it to arrive, check out her new video, 'Hope' and check out her earlier videos too - just to make sure that you are truly hooked!


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