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Developer Diary

Fundraiser Final Week

The 2012 fundraiser has continued to go well despite not quite reaching our ideal target just yet and we are now on the final week. So far over the past two weeks we have raised roughly 70% of the money we were hoping to raise, all of which is ensuring the continued existence of the website as a free resource on the Classical-Crossover music genre.

Saturday 1st December 2012 will be the final day of the Fundraiser after which we will be announcing the following:

  • The winners of the fundraiser prize draw (everyone who donates over $10 will receive entry into it)
  • The nominees for the 2013 Annual Awards (so the user trophy purchases and voting are especially important)
  • Finally we will also advise of how many user trophies will be awarded for different voting scores and awards received.

Thanks to your donations there have been a few changes to the Trophy Leaderboard (which has now been updated);

  1. Jackie Evancho is now just 150 trophies from the next trophy level..
  2. Pip Lusty has moved up the chart to 8th position.
  3. Sarah Brightman has moved up the chart to 9th position.
  4. Tiffany Desrosiers entered the chart at 80th position, just 3 trophies from the first trophy level.
  5. Patrizia is now just two trophies from the next trophy level.
  6. Samantha Link moved up the chart and is just two trophies from the next level.

Special Update

As an extra reward for donating in the final week to help us reach our target you will receive additional bonus trophies for your favourite artist when donating the larger amounts. See more details here.

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