Monday, July 15, 2024
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The Indie Award 2012

The Indie Award 2012 Winner

Jennifer Thomas
The internet is enabling independent artists to reach out to audiences in ways that were unfathomable two decades ago.  Unfortunately, an indie artist's pathway is still blocked from major promotional appearances and accolades.  It's too easy to give up and easy to fail, so when an indie artist earns achievement after achievement, it says much for their talent, but also their hard work and dedication.  Jennifer Thomas is an inspiring independent artist, constantly aiming higher and earning over 30 nominations or wins from various awarding bodies.  Thomas also produces top quality music; Illumination sounds like a soundtrack to a major Hollywood film - something that can only normally be achieved with the financial backing of a major record label.  It takes years to build up this kind of reputation and resources to get to where Thomas is today.  To buy Illumination, click here.

The Indie Award 2012 Nominees

Siobhan Owen

Editorial nomination


Editorial nomination

Phillippa Lusty

Editorial nomination


Editorial nomination

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