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Happy 2013! Loads of new content...

Hey guys!

Well!  Whilst you have all been popping the champagne, getting fat on Christmas chocolate and singing Auld Land Syne Adam and I have been working like demons to get the website ready for you CC enthusiasts!  And who deserves such hard work if it isn't you guys?  We can't thank you enough for your support in 2012 and flocking back to CCUK when we re-introduced the charts.  With a lot more besides!  Even though the website went without updates for the majority of 2012 (we didn't start working on it again until September), we still enjoyed a staggering 7.8 million hits.  Most of which was in between September and December.  We've been getting as many hits in one day than we did in a month from the same time last year.  WTH, guys?! You are amazing!  Not to mention your huge support during our fundraiser!  We nearly doubled our target!  If you did that, then surely deserve just that little bit of extra work from us, right?!

And work we've done!  Here are some new goodies for you!

  • The 2012 Top 50 as voted by you is now published for your viewing pleasure.
  • FAQ pages!  It was with regret last year that I saw confused questions on social networks about how this and that worked on this website, and what this or that meant.  Well, now we've laid it all out for you.  Please, please check out the the voting FAQ, even if you are a CCUK veteran (but perhaps skip out the "how do you vote?" question...)  The experimenting is over, and the rules and guidelines are now set it stone.
    Voting FAQ
    ********** (PLEASE READ) **********
    User Trophy FAQ
    (votes/awards conversion to user trophies)
    Trouble Shooting FAQ
    (registration instructions for newcomers and logging in issues)
  • Four new mini profiles! You can expect a lot more of these over the coming week.  Mini profiles are exactly the same as normal profiles, but they don't have a review yet.  This is just so I can publish as many new artists as possible so fans can start voting at the start of the voting year.  Please check them out by clicking through their links and watching their youtube videos!  The reviews will be written at a later date:
    Scarlett Quigley
    Viktoria Tocca
    Georgia Odette


#5 Nicola 2013-01-02 05:52
Yes, I was very aware Martin, but reasoned that the percentage of female vocalists is far higher than any other category. :) It is what it is, and I guess I like female vocalists! XD
#4 Bob Scullen 2013-01-02 00:40
Thank you Nicola, quite a good representation in the top ten from the Southern Hemisphere too. Well done to you for all the harc work.
#3 Martin Dixon 2013-01-01 23:31
Well done Nicola. Love it! Did you realise your top 20 artists include 14 female vocalists? Not a criticism, just a comment. I don't disagree about a single one of them. Perhaps an indication that female vocalists are the strongest group within CC.
#2 Kim Lariviere 2013-01-01 21:32
Great job Nic as always. The work you put into this site is incredible. You make it enjoyable for us who vote for our favorite CC artist every day. Good luck in 2013. You are the greatest
#1 bernie 2013-01-01 20:26
Thanks Nicola your hard work is really bearing fruit now with all of these viewing 'hits' being part of the proof.I love the choices for mini and full profiles.Living in North America I have a different perspective and can see and feel the growth of the CC genre and community.It's most recent spurt began with Jackie Evancho of course but also Katherine Jenkins was discovered to be not just a great dancer lol.The Tenors,IL Divo,IL Volo,and even Sarah Brighman in Times Square for a New Year's Eve performance all are becoming well known everywhere.The glue that holds the genre together for Artists and fans alike is CCUK so thanks and thanks again :-)

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