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Hayley Westenra

  • Born: 10/04/1987
  • Nationality: New Zealand
  • Years active: 2000-present
  • Type: Soprano
  • Studio Albums: 9
  • Record Sales: 4 million
  • Record Label: Decca/Universal
  • Biggest Markets: UK, New Zealand, Japan


  • Success:
  • Talent:
  • Interpretation:
  • Creativity:

Hayley Westenra
is one of New Zealand’s biggest success stories. She started young (twelve) and local, releasing two domestic albums in her homeland that broke records, when she was picked up by Decca and transformed into an international star. Her main target was post-Charlotte Church UK where her album Pure broke Church’s previous record of having the fastest-selling classical debut album in the UK. Since then, Westenra has gone on to sell over four million albums. Whilst her first domestic albums were highly similar to Church’s material, Westenra progressed to more mature and original material. Her Irish and Kiwi roots influence her sound, including folk, celtic, easy listening, pop and classical. Westenra is not operatic, and carries a seemingly fragile, clean voice. The name of her first international album Pure is an accurate description, but she can pack power behind it when she wants to. Her voice can be compared to Sissel, Emma Shapplin and Sharon Den Adel, but none of these artists have the perfect pitch ability that Westenra has.

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#23 Bonnie 2013-05-25 05:10
'Hushabye' is such an exciting concept due to the upcoming royal birth! The arrangements are so fresh and with Hayley's angelic voice the feeling of relaxation just flows over you. This if from an adult! Imagine what this could do for a baby!
Congrats to Hayley for taking a step out of her comfort zone and taking creativity to another level.
Even though I don't have a baby, I would love to download 'Hushabye Mountain' just for my own listening pleasure.
#22 Nicola 2013-04-03 05:18
Decca/UCJ (they merged - not affiliated) nor Warner decide on what qualifies for the classical charts - the Official Charts Company do. What record company an artist is with does not make a blind bit of difference.

I didn't think of This is Christmas as I don't really regard holiday albums as studio albums, but that is a personal viewpoint. I was only thinking of Believe and Daydream when I said that.

But I think that's it. You are irrational and do not see reason. You are looking for a fight when there isn't one. I won't publish any more of your posts.
#21 herby 2013-04-03 00:09
You say Hayley needs the classical charts Kj does not .I hope all other artists are given the same leeway. Come on HW has been in the going for 12 years no longer a child.
Please point out to me all the classical numbers on Pure. The vast majority are pure pop.
Then show me where Daydream fails as a classical album .you cannot because any comparrision would look bad on your group
#20 herby 2013-04-02 22:13
You said that Katherine had not released a classical album since she left UJC-your words ,in fact you knew that `This is Christmas made it to no 2 in the UK classical charts .It seems you are guided by Decca and their choice of who is a classical artist , if so you are guided by commercial enterprises.
Remembering that Decca is affiliated to UJC Of course Hw is one of their artists Kj is with Warners .If this is so it seems you are guided by others with set interests.
#19 Nicola 2013-04-02 05:04
"Your pro HW bias shows."
I really don't think it does, especially when I listen to Katherine more and she features on my editor's top twenty. I like them both and think pitting them against each other is childish and unnecessary.

"Believe and Daydream should have been declared Clasical.,not Rejoice."
Your opinion, but officially speaking, it's not up to me or you whether they are considered classical for the charts or not. Who cares? Not Katherine, or her label. If they did, they would have pigeon holed those albums to make them qualify. Fact of the matter is, Katherine is beyond the need of using the classical charts to promote her music. Hayley still relies on that promotional tool.

"Come on you tried to imply that KJ was no longer a classical artist "
No. I really didn't. I told you that three of her albums were not eligible for the UK classical chart. It's just a fact and I stated it to help answer your question. Again, you seem to interpret my posts as a defense for Hayley Westenra, when all I was doing was explaining why her label have made claims.
#18 herby 2013-04-01 23:43
Come on you tried to imply that KJ was no longer a classical artist .
As I said before your favourite HW had better have more success with her next album or she would be in trouble .Your pro HW bias shows.Believe and Daydream should have been declared Clasical.,not Rejoice.
#17 Nicola 2013-04-01 22:54
Herby, you clearly just have an axe to grind and not reading what I write.

I haven't claimed anything about Hayley or Katherine, nor do I care. As I have already said but you seem unable to read, Decca simply excluded Katherine's non classical albums sales when they made her promo. That video is not OUR promo, it belongs to Decca. As to how they decided which albums from Katherine were not classical; they simply used which albums were eligible for the UK Classical Chart. Rejoice, Believe and Daydream are not considered to be classical in the UK.

Could you please stop being so aggressive? There is nothing to be angry about here. CCUK has no affiliation with record labels so we are not responsible for anything they say or promote.
#16 herby 2013-04-01 22:02
Hey, I have just remembered this -If Katherine does not qualify as a classical singer can you tell me how she had a no`s 1,2 3,4,. in the charts in one week , she had 6 albums in the chart that week .No one has matched this. Westenra has never had a 1 and 2.
#15 herby 2013-04-01 21:36
By the way Decca keep on throwing out These Katherine compilations as an offshoot of ujc It seems they prefer Kj any day.
Its pathetic to say KJ is not a classical singer.She the music teacher.
#14 herby 2013-04-01 21:33
One last thing,If HW`S record company UJC Think she is so good why do they keep bringing out compilations of their former classical star Katherine Jenkins .One of these at least far out sold Paradiso,it shows what confidence they have in Hayley.
To say that Katherine is not a classical artist shows how little minded some people can be.
She is regarded as the no 1 crossover-femal e artist and jealousy will not change that.
Be grown up and admit it .Westenra has done ok but because you claim her to be no1 the facts show otherwise .
#13 Nicola 2013-04-01 10:47
I'm not getting picky or arguing with you. I don't care either way and I think it's a bit immature to say "such and such is better or more popular than such and such"; who cares? I was only telling you why Decca said what they did and when it comes to PR, they are VERY picky and will be pedantic and sly with stats so they can say something that sounds good.

I'm only telling you, that at the time they made that promo video, they took Katherine's non-classical albums out of the equation - they did this by using what qualified for the classical charts. "Pure" qualified.

"Perhaps you should stop now."
If you can't discuss matters in a civilised manner, I simply won't publish your comments. You misinterpret my posts. I'm not arguing for or against. I don't care about popularity - if I did, I wouldn't add unsigned or independent artists to this website. As I said, I meant only to inform you why the claims are made.
#12 herby 2013-04-01 00:47
If we are getting picky KJ did at least 55 concerts last year most of them at major venues ,alongside this KJ spent 1 0 weeks on USA Dancing with the stars where she came 2nd to wild acclamation .Hayley did 26 a lot at minor venues .
It continues this year 2with up to now KJ doing at present up to 30 Hayley 5 .Of course KJ is to be part of three Buckhaming Palace concerts in July.
Perhaps you should stop now.
#11 herby 2013-04-01 00:28
You are wrong .This is Christmas was a classical album .And even if it is 6 million albums KJ Has sold that is at least 2 million more than HW. `Believe` and `Daydream` were unlucky not to be deemed classical in the UK they were considered classical in the States ,By the way This is Christmas hit n03 in the US charts but you knew that.
While we are at it Pure was of course a pop album by todays reckoning
5ke away Pure and the 1.2 million albums Westenra sold while with Celtic woman and Hayley`s sales are very moderate.
It may be a convienient excuse to try and make out KJ is no longer classical ,She is at present doing a 20 joint tour with IlDivo of europe and the UK .Hayley can only dream of such popularity.c4m
#10 Nicola 2013-03-31 03:17
Record labels always make claims like that - and it's very careful in its wording. Katherine hasn't released a "classical" album since her split from UCJ. Three of KJ's albums are not considered "classical" as they didn't qualify for the classical charts. x KJ has not sold 8 million albums. About 6 million by now, methinks. x
#9 herby 2013-03-30 22:17
Miss Westenra`s supporters make the claim she is the biggest selling soprano this century and she is No one in popularity both these claims are false.She was surpassed by KJ a long time ago .Westenra has sold about half of Miss Jenkins sales .In fact the new Album by HW had better be a succsses .which cannot be guaranteed as her cocerts in the UK are so few and far between.
#8 Nicola 2013-03-30 12:31
What is your point, Herby?
#7 herby 2013-03-29 21:51
Hayley`Westenra has been surpassed by far in album sales and popularity by Katherine Jenkins .In fact Westenras concerts are few and far between these days compared to Miss Jenkins multitude of concerts. And tv and newspaper reports.
#6 聲樂奇跡 2013-01-22 06:06
:roll: Hayley Westenra has the most beautiful,pures t voice I have ever heard in the world.Don't stop singing!
#5 sahra 2012-10-20 15:05
beautiful woman and beautiful voice !!!
#4 Jenny Butler 2012-09-28 13:42
Hayley Westenra and Mario Frangoulis - Hine e Hine

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